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  • Mini MAC is collecting Socks for Steinbach Community Outreach and Steinbach Family Resource Centre before winter weather is among us. CMS goal is to collect 606 pairs of socks, that is one pair of socks per person who attends CMS! This fundraiser ends October 28th.

Mini MAC (2018-2019)

Our grade five Mini MAC team wants to tell you a little bit about what we do. Mini MAC holds fundraisers to help our community. We also went to Community Outreach and Bethesda Place. At Community Outreach, we learned a little bit about people that need our help. When we went to Community Outreach, they told us that they collect clothing, bedding, outdoor gear, and footwear for people who need help. Community Outreach also gives out meals for people who need them.

Community Outreach started when a lady gave a lunch to a student at her school, and then more people came.

Then this lady started to give winter gear to people and asked for donations or other help. This got so big that she didn’t know where to put all the stuff she had. It got so big, that a church gave her a room in their space. She eventually got the whole upstairs of the church. This is how Community Outreach started.





We have also been to Bethesda Place, where we socialize with our “adopted grandparents”. Some of the activities we do with our grandparents are we play games with them, we talk with them, we watch TV with them and we sing with them. That is some of what our grade five Mini MAC team does.


From R.O, A.C and CMS’s Grade Five Mini MAC team!


Year Long Shopping Bag Collecting

The Grade 5 Mini-Mac team is collecting shopping bags to donate to Community Outreach. They can turn the bags into useful items such as pillows and cushion type blankets (to go underneath a blanket for warmth, to stay dry, and for comfort).

It takes 600 bags to make the blanket.

You can send the bags to any class, and the teacher there can direct them to the bin in the office or to the Mini Mac team to collect them.

Mini-MAC is also doing a toy and book drive in November. Please bring any new toys or books for children aged 0-6 to any classroom and Mini-MAC will pick them up.


Toy Drive (November only)

For November only, Mini-MAC is doing a toy and book drive. Please bring any new toys or books for children aged 0-6 to any classroom and Mini-MAC will pick them up.


Community Outreach Fundraising (October)

THANK YOU CMS!!!!!!!!!

On behalf of the mini-MAC group, we thank you so much for all the donations. Thank you for helping us get the word out there, promoting it, and helping make the food and toiletries drive successful.
CMS collected 530 pounds of food, a truck load full of toilet paper, and bags & bags of toiletries. FCC and Community Outreach were very appreciative and pleased with what we had done (especially in such a short amount of time). 
Thank you again!!  Without all of you, we couldn’t have done it!
We have wonderful students, families, and staff here at CMS!!