Clearspring Middle School

About Us

  • Our school was built as a learning tool, and has MANY learning features.
  • 618 students, 35 teachers, 17 Educational Assistants, 2 Secretaries, 1 Librarian, 1 Vice Principal, 1 Principal and a custodial staff of 7,
  • We offer a variety of extracurricular sports (basketball, volleyball, badminton, and cross country running) as well as opportunities for drama, running club, yearbook, French club, M.A.C, Grade 8 Ambassadors, and others.
  • We have a strong commitment to helping all of our students build a growth mindset.
  • Students in Clearspring Middle School demonstrate their care for the community in a variety of ways, including fundraising to help local and international charities, community clean-up, and mixed-grade activity groups.
  • One wonderful feature of our school community is our regular assemblies. Students share their learning with the whole school in what can only be described as a celebration of learning.

CMS Trailblazers

The name Trailblazers was chosen because it is a sports team name, it connects us to our history, and encourages leadership. We chose this name because we believe EVERY student can be proud to say, “I am a Trailblazer.”

Trailblazers are those who go ahead. To blaze a trail means to mark a trail for those who are coming behind us. Clearspring Middle School intends to nurture this kind of spirit. We want to encourage students to think about leadership, and to mark the trail for others. We are individuals, but we are part of a community, and we help each other.

Clearspring Middle School is built along an historical Metis trail, a trail that brought the early settlers and pioneers together with the first inhabitants of the land. All of these people were trailblazers themselves. They had courage, determination, and a sense of adventure as they set out to build a new life for their families. Our community has grown to be a vibrant, multi-cultural community that still feels a little like a small town. Our Trailblazer name honours that tradition.

Finally, the name Trailblazers connects us to the concept of sustainable living. Our school building is a trailblazer! It is built to some of the highest standards in the world, was designed using a consultation process that honours people, and the result is a school building that invites students to engage in learning about the building and about the world.

We look forward to creating a strong tradition of excellence in all areas of education, including extracurricular sports. We hope that our first games played will begin to form the character of who we want to be as a school, and will immediately reflect that our students are good leaders with character that is built on a tradition of strong values.

We are confident that all Clearspring Middle School students will be proud to say, “I am a Trailblazer”.