For the month of May (starting tomorrow May 4th) the Mini MAC Group will be selling Ice Cream Sandwiches, Fuzzy Peach popsicles and Swedish Berry popsicles in the MPR at lunch time on Wednesdays.


$2 gets you a sweet treat and the proceeds will go to the CMS Kindness Fund.


MAC stands for “Making A Change”.

The Mini MAC group is made up of Grade 5 students.

Our CMS Kindness Fund has been in place for a few years.


Sometimes members of our own CMS Student Families go through the loss of a parent, sibling, cancer, health issues, loss of a home…

These things are difficult and sometimes a burden to our CMS families (students) financially or emotionally.


Often as a society we want to help in different parts of the world, when in fact our world often begins right here at home.

We felt as a school we could help within our own school community, anonymously, and show our kindness and support.

Thus establishing a CMS Kindness Fund.

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