It is fundraising time!


CMS will be fundraising from chocolate sales October 7th to October 21st. Each individual bar sells for $3.00, the total of each case equals $90.00.


The purpose of these chocolate fundraisers is to improve our outdoor play area. Ms. Baldwin will be in the MPR with ambassadors each morning collecting money from entire cases sold. When possible please send a cheque for the entire amount made out to Clearspring Middle School. 


Friday October 11th and Friday October 18th there will be a Fun Friday draw for students who have returned their forms and payment for entire cases sold.


Once the fundraising is complete there will be an assembly with all of the students, at this time the final draw prizes include 1 iPad, 1 Hoverboard, 2 Scooters, you must sell at least one case to be included in this draw. And finally, the top selling class will win a pizza party!


All cash and unsold cases need to be returned by October 21st.


Please see the attachment for the Prize Structure for Chocolate Fundraiser


Prize Structure for Chocolate Fundraiser

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