Dear Parents,


You have probably noted the construction on Hespeler. I want to provide you with an update about the construction, and how we intend to keep students safe as they travel to and from school while road construction is taking place. During construction, we will ask that all students crossing Hespeler use only the Hespeler/Barkman intersection.


The construction has several components:

First, a new crosswalk, similar to the one that connects the walkway to Evergreen, will be installed from the sidewalk on Hespeler to Lyndhurst Gate. The concrete work will be completed this week, but the flashing lights will only arrive in late June.  We will ask that students not use this crosswalk until the next school year.


Second, the sidewalks are being repaired. If weather cooperates, the company expects to have the sidewalks completed by Friday, May 25. Students can walk around the sidewalk construction on the grass, OR may choose to use alternate routes.


Third, the asphalt on Hespeler is being replaced. This will involve two phases: grinding the top layer, and then resurfacing the street. Weather permitting, this will take place the week of June 4 – 8. The contractors are aware of the significance of student safety, and will make every effort to work away from the Barkman/Hespeler intersection at the peak traffic times (8:30 – 9:00 and 3:30 – 4:00). We will ask that all students crossing Hespeler during the time that construction is taking place use the Barkman street crossing.


If your children cross Hespeler, please talk with them about the importance of safety during construction time. Plan a safe route, and ensure that students cross at Barkman and Hespeler. Look both ways before crossing the street. Dismount (bicycles, scooters, boards) before crossing. Listen to and obey the instructions of the crossing guard.


One final comment about vehicle traffic. During construction, Hespeler will have two narrow lanes for traffic. This will likely create more congestion, and the need for more patience. We appreciate your efforts to help keep children safe.

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