On Tuesday November 14, the mini mac team took a bus to Soup’s On, which is Steinbach’s soup kitchen.

While we were there, Joy [the owner of Soup’s On] told us stories of the people she helps. She said there was a family with 2 kids and the dad had a wonderful job. Then one day he got sick, and he lost his job, then he lost his house and his family was living on the streets. Joy said that when people come to Soup’s On often enough she gets to know them and understands their need for food and shelter.

While we were there we were split into groups: some were washing, cutting and wrapping potatoes, some helped bake cookies [ YUM ] some made cheese bread and the last group cut and washed lettuce. Then when everybody was done, some people washed dishes and others helped prepare the chicken breasts. Then Joy told us another of her awesome stories! This one was about a single mom and her two little girls. One day in the middle of winter this mom and her daughters came to Soup’s On to have supper, in SHORTS!! She kept coming back always in shorts, so Joy went to the board and asked for a MCC gift card for the mom so she could buy winter clothes. So the next time this family came for supper Joy gave them the gift card and told her it was for them to buy something from MCC, but the next time they came in shorts again and again and again, then one time the mom came up to Joy and thanked her for the money so she could buy her daughters a mattress to sleep on. So it turned out this mom thought it would be better if she bought the mattress instead of winter clothes. Then this mom saw a dad and his little girl on the street and invited them into their small apartment!! I almost cried hearing these stories.

Soup’s On offers a supper to those in need on Tuesday and Friday evenings. There are no judgements or questions, just food, friends, and warmth.

Soup’s On started the lunch program when a little girl came to the soup kitchen one night… she came up to stand in line when she received her food she went to go sit down like any other person who goes. This little girl went back in line to get more, then she came up again and again, then finally Joy joked and said she must be hungry.  When the little girl replied she said…  “ ya it’s my first time eating today,” then she just walked away to her seat and sat down!!!!

So Joy thought that there are probably lots of kids who don’t have a lunch at school so she went to her board and said she wanted to do a lunch program for the kids who don’t have a lunch, they agreed. So she rounded  up some grannys and grandpas to help make the lunches. The grannys made the sandwiches and the grandpas packed the lunches!

Then the grandpas delivered the lunches to each school. Joy also makes half lunches for those who don’t have a sandwich or if they don’t have any snacks. She said that she gets orders from each school every week.

This was a rewarding experience and I felt happy that I was able to help others and I encourage others to volunteer and help whenever and wherever you can!!!!

by Lyric G. in 5DG


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