I have often heard that parents are their children’s first teacher. Of course that makes sense. Children are with their parents first, and they start learning the moment they are born. But why should parents and schools work together? Since we have our Parent Advisory Council Annual General Meeting next week (Sept 29 at 5:30), I thought I would write a little about why this partnership matters for students as they learn.

Parents and caregivers are by far the most influential people in students’ lives. Although middle school students are in the process of beginning to find their own identity that is somewhat separate from their parents, the fact remains that parents and caregivers remain the most influential people in their lives. When schools and families are clear about the learning goals that they share for children, and everyone is committed to achieving those goals, kids learn.

Good partnerships between school and home are based primarily on open, honest, and clear communication. (I suppose all great partnerships are like that!) While we may not always agree, we can promise that we will communicate in ways that seek to find the best way forward in order for children to learn.



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