Tuesday, October 17th

  • All grade 8 students who signed up to be parking attendants need to meet outside Mr. Kornelsen’s room this morning after O’Canada.
  • Reminder: No riding skateboards or scooters indoors.

Monday, October 16th

  • Creative writing club will meet in the library today at the beginning of lunch. Please bring stuff to write.
  • Grade 8 sectionals: Clarinets and trumpets.
  • CMS News – Anchors and camera crew meet today in room 221 at lunch break for filming.
  • Running club training today at lunch. Meet in the gym.

Friday, October 13th

  • CMS News – Writers only meet today in room 221 at lunch recess (12:42)
  • Chocolate sales are coming to an end next week! Great jobs on sales! If you have boxes left or monies to hand in please do as soon as you can.

Thursday, October 12th

  • All greeters and tour guides should meet in Ms. Tate’s room at the beginning of lunch recess Friday.
  • Grade 8 sectionals – Percussion and Flutes.

Wednesday, October 11th

  • There will be greeter and tour guide training tomorrow at lunch recess. Please let Ms. Tate know if you cannot make it.
  • Hand in chocolates and money tomorrow! Random Friday draw coming up, you could win a prize!
  • All cross country runners please come down to the gym after O’Canada.

Tuesday, October 10th

  • Grade 7&8 girls volleyball meeting after O’Canada.
  • Grade 8 Sectionals – Low Brass & Saxophone.
  • CMS News – All members meet today at lunch break (12:42) in room 221 for a meeting.
  • Ally meetings are happening throughout the day. We will meet in Rm. 212 which is the spare room in the Gr.8 neighbourhood.
  • No Running club at lunch today.

Monday, October 2nd

  • Terry Fox run tomorrow – last chance to bring in money.
  • CMS News: Camera crew pick up equipment before period 5 assembly. Camera Crew and Anchors meet at 12:15 in room 212 for filming.

Tuesday, October 3rd

  • Eastman choral workshop forms will be available in the music room today at lunch.
  • Would all Gr. 8 ambassadors that signed up for greeters and tour guides meet outside of Ms. Tate’s room after O’Canada.
  • Terry Fox Run today – Weather Permitting.
  • Chocolate sales are going GREAT! Drop off money in the MPR in the morning – all chocolate orders will be dropped off in classrooms @ 3:30pm.

Monday, October 2nd

  • Terry Fox Tomorrow – Last chance to bring in money!
  • Gr. 7 Boys & Girls volleyball players to the gym after O’Canada.
  • Intramurals today: 5’s & 7’s
  • CMS News: Camera crew pick up equipment before period 5 assembly. Camera crew and anchors meet at 12:15 in room 212 for filming. Editing team meet in room 221 at 12:42 for editing (lunch break)
  • Calling all writers! Any students interested in joining the creative writing club should bring their lunch to the library at 12:20 today. Bring something to write with you and don’t forget your imagination.

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